Freitag, 8. September 2017

Long War

Sean Stinson auf counterpunch:

America’s Long War: US Tightens the Noose on China

Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory signalled an about-face for American foreign policy. With control of the US military apparatus temporarily wrested from its spy agencies for the first time since Truman kicked off the Cold War, the strategists behind Trump’s MAGA platform have been far more focused on waging economic war on China and Latina America than wasting blood and treasure redrawing the map of the Middle East. This has gifted Syria a reprieve in the immediate term, but with Bannon, Flynn and Gorka now out of the picture and Stephen Miller’s departure expected any time soon, Trump is now isolated and effectively neutered. Any hopes there might have been for détente with Russia and a more measured approach to foreign policy must now be viewed in the past tense.